The Jin Hua Foundation

Mission Statement

Established in memory of Jin Hua, the mission of The Jin Hua Foundation is to support organizations, which through direct service, research, and advocacy, are helping to advance the quality of life for children and adults, especially senior citizens.

The Foundation will focus on those living in underserved communities or suffering from diseases that, in our view, lack sufficient attention and support. Grants will be made primarily in the areas of healthcare and early childhood.

In healthcare, the Foundation will fund cutting-edge research, advocacy, education and clinical services. For 2016 and the foreseeable future, the Foundation will concentrate its efforts on asthma, although other areas of healthcare may be considered.

Early Childhood Education

In early childhood, the Foundation will support schools and programs in its home community of Bergen County, NJ, as well as initiatives that target disadvantaged populations. In most cases, the Foundation will seek out small and mid-sized organizations of excellence, where its support can have significant impact.


  • The Foundation does not accept proposals, but will be seeking non-profit partners that will help it to fulfill its mission and where its funding can leverage additional support.
  • There will be no limit on grant size or the duration of grant-funding, as this will be determined by the Foundation’s board and staff on a case-by-case basis.
  • On occasion, multi-year pledges will be made depending on the project.
  • The Foundation does not support individuals.
  • There is no specific grant cycle and grants will be made year-round.
  • Primary areas of support:
    • Medical research, advocacy, education, fellowships, and direct clinical service, with emphasis on asthma and other lesser-funded disease categories
    • Healthcare services for children and the elderly in underserved areas, both domestic and overseas.
    • Private schools – both programmatic and capital
    • Youth development programs in impoverished communities, domestic and overseas.
    • Educational support programs in early childhood and elementary education in underserved areas, both domestic and overseas.
    • Child advocacy programs whose mission is to promote attention to the issues of disadvantaged children.

Medical Research / Clinical Practice

Medical research, advocacy, education, fellowships, and direct clinical service, with emphasis on asthma and other lesser-funded disease categories.


  • While the Foundation does not accept proposals, organizations that have been identified as prospective grantees will be asked to complete an application form given to them by the Foundation, as well as provide the following information:
    • Annual budget
    • Audited financial statements for the past 3 years
    • 990’s for the past 3 years
    • Annotated board list
    • Annotated list of senior staff (and staff that is involved in the prospective project being considered for support)
    • Project budget
    • Metrics demonstrating efficacy of the project being considered
    • Collateral material about the program being considered, as appropriate
  • The Foundation will also require an in-person (or Skype) meeting with a board or staff member.
  • The organization will be required to complete a six-month report on the utilization of the grant in order to be considered for future funding.

The Jin Hua Foundation

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Alpine, NJ 07620